Why You Need Us?

  • To protect your auto investment
  • Buying a used car online
  • The inspection gives you leverage to negotiate a price
  • When a car you wish to purchase is out of town
  • Don’t have sufficient car knowledge
  • Don’t have time to examine the car yourself
  • You wish to make an informed buying decision
  • Buying a used car without getting it independently inspected may result in purchasing a car that is unreliable and could cost you a lot more money in future repairs
  • You need us to protect yourself from being ripped off
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The Risks Involved When Buying a Used Car

Clocked Mileage

“Clocking” means changing the genuine odometer reading of the car in order to make the car seem like it has driven a shorter distance than it actually has. Watch Video Learn More

Outstanding Finance

A person does not legally own the car until the finance in fully paid off. Until then, it is legal for the lender to repossess the car if the amount outstanding is not paid.

Previous Write-off

Cars get written off when an insurance assessor decides that the car is beyond repair because of crash damage. Watch Video Learn More

Cloning & Ringing

Essentially, it is a change of identity for the purpose to sell a stolen vehicle. A vehicle’s Registration or a unique VIN-Vehicle Identification Number (Chassis Number) is changed to the numbers of a legitimate vehicle. Learn More

Used as a Taxi

A vehicle that was previously used as a Taxi. It is important to know the previous usage status of a car in order to identify its overall condition. Learn More

VRT & VAT Payments Outstanding

Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) is what you pay when importing a car into Ireland. Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable for imported new cars only. Learn More

Number Of Previous Owners

The fewer previous owners a car had the better. We check this on the car’s logbook (VLC – Vehicle’s Registration Certificate) as well as during the history check. Learn More

Previous Accident Damage

Crash repair involves more than just replacing the crashed body panels. Under the panels, there is a frame structure that gets deformed during a major car accident. This is the reason why no one wants to buy a car that has been in an accident. Learn More

Mechanical Issues

Hidden mechanical issues mainly occur within the engine and the gearbox of a car,  and these issues  are costly to repair. However, there is really not much you can do to diagnose potential problems unless you are a mechanic. Learn More