Terms Of Business

For the purpose of this website and the service provided by A2Z Vehicle Check, the following definitions apply:

A2Z/we/our/us” means A2Z Vehicle Check (Andrius Zecius is trading as A2Z Vehicle Check). A2Z Vehicle Chech is a private business rather than a limited liability company. Andrius Zecius is trading as A2Z Vehicle Check. Therefore,  all liabilities belong to the sole trader to the extent of his business and private assets.
Customer means a customer of A2Z Vehicle Check who avails of our service. A customer is a consumer within the generally accepted meaning of the term.
A2Z Inspector is a person experienced or qualified in the field of motor vehicles and engaged by A2Z Vehicle Check to carry out inspections for our customers.
Hidden defects means items which are undetectable by either sight or hearing or which are undetectable without the dismantling of the components where the workings are in an enclosed casing.

The service provided by A2Z is designed to provide customers with a professional opinion as to the condition of a vehicle and is provided on the understanding that there are limitations as to how detailed the inspection and testing can be. While every effort is made by A2Z to give a full and comprehensive report, the customer accepts that there are limits to the service and A2Z cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the provision of these services. The service provided by A2Z is provided on the understanding that we cannot advise on defects if we cannot see them or, if they are not freely apparent during the visual check of the vehicle concerned. A2Z visual inspections are carried out at a seller’s location by visual, listening and driving checks only. Our checks do not involve lifting vehicles up on a ramp. Therefore, the condition of suspension is estimated by a road-test only. Our checks do not involve dismantling or removing components, structure or assembly of any internal mechanism. Our Database History, Outstanding Finance, Insurance Write-off checks and Market Valuation of any vehicle is powered by motorcheck.ie and is a subject of their terms and conditions.

Please Note that, where possible, we will check components if they are operating properly but will not inspect parts where prolonged testing and disassemble of any parts or components may be required. However, any item that can be checked by turning on and off will be checked by this method.

Customers should note that we do not check the following items:

• Oil / Fuel consumption
• Sources of any leaks
• Cylinder compression
• Brake linings, unless visible without dismantling
• Car electrics and electronics that require specialist test equipment.
• Brake fluid contamination
• Exhaust emissions
• In car entertainment systems
• Air conditioning or climate control units/systems
• Alarm systems
• Computer and satellite navigation systems

The life expectancy of various components and systems including, but not limited to, the exhaust system, clutch and the brake systems are uncertain and impossible to predict. These items may not have apparent problems at the time of our check and as a result, have not been included in our report. This does not imply and should not be taken that these items will or will not have continued life from the time of the A2Z check.

Any advice for repair or alteration of faults that are given by the A2Z inspector following the A2Z check, reflect the personal opinion of the A2Z inspector and do not constitute a quote or offer of service or in any way form a contract between the customer and A2Z or the A2Z inspector. Customers should not rely on such estimates in making a decision with regard to purchasing the vehicle. We recommend that the customer should get advice from their chosen repair professional in relation to any repairs or estimates.
All inspections will be carried out only with the agreement of a private vendor or garage owner to allow inspection on the vendor’s site. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain permission from the private vendor or garage owner to allow inspection on the vendor’s site. There must be enough room to open all doors, boot, bonnet, and be sufficient space to walk around the vehicle. Road testing will be carried out in the immediate area of the vehicle check. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that a road test drive will be allowed by the seller and that the seller will facilitate the A2Z inspector in carrying out the test drive. If the road test cannot be carried out for reasons beyond our control, the service fee is still payable in full as if the test drive had been completed. We will only return to the vehicle at your request. If we have to return to the vehicle on another occasion to complete the test drive, an additional charge will apply but this charge will not exceeding the original fee.
All fees must be paid by the customer to the A2Z inspector at the inspection site or by a credit card over the phone. We reserve the right to charge fees if we have travelled to the site to inspect a vehicle on behalf of a customer and the vehicle has either been sold to another or it is not available for viewing by our inspector. The onus is on the customer to contact us to cancel the appointment. A complete list of the cost for our services is available on request and can also be found on our Web Site. The price stated is the price the customer will pay.
In the event of dissatisfaction with our report, the customer agrees to contact us immediately and give us the opportunity to re check the car. Reports are prepared only for the customers use and cannot be used by any third party. In the event of any third party using the information in the report, no liability or responsibility will attach to A2Z. We shall not be liable for any delays in performing or any failure to carry out a check for any reason that is outside our control. We shall not be liable for consequential loss or damage.
Any claim against A2Z Vehicle Check is limited to the amount paid by the customer for our service. The customer accepts that the report prepared by A2Z is intended as a guide only. Any decision to proceed with the purchase of a vehicle inspected by A2Z is at the sole risk of the customer. The customer agrees that A2Z has no responsibility for any costs, damages, losses or injuries arising from the purchase or attempted purchase of a vehicle which was the subject of an inspection by a A2Z inspector either for the customer directly or for a previous or subsequent customer. Once you have engaged the services of A2Z Vehicle Check you are accepting these terms of business as set out here and agree to be bound by them. Nothing in these Terms of Business effect your statutory rights as a customer. If in any part of these terms of business are held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be enforceable, validity of the remainder of the terms of business will not be affected. These terms set out of the terms of business that apply to the contract between A2Z and you the customer for the carrying out of a car check as described in these Terms of Business.

We Service Leinster Area

For the drive that exceeds  the Greater Dublin Area, additional charges of (€0.50 per 1 km.) will apply.  Read More

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