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Did you know that a used car can be sold with an outstanding finance

A person does not legally own a car until the finance in fully paid off. Until then, it is legal for the lender to repossess the car if the amount outstanding is not paid.

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What “Mileage Clocking” means?

“Clocking” means changing the genuine odometer reading of the car in order to make the car seem like it has driven a shorter distance than it actually has. Such vehicles could turn out to be both dangerous and expensive for the buyer. Not knowing the real [...]

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Download FREE Vehicle Purchase Agreement Template

This agreement is between the Seller and the Buyer of a used vehicle. The legal document prepared by A2Z Vehicle Check. The contract reporting on a specific date, at a specific location, and for a particular sum of money. The seller sold to the buyer [...]

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Download Free Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

Here you can download Free Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist. Our checklist was created while consulting the most experienced mechanics in Dublin. This is a comprehensive vehicle inspection checklist, therefore it is a reliable guidance when making a decision of whether to invest in a car [...]

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